Helping students to set themselves up in Practice

Guildford lecturer Debbie delivers the marketing module on the HPD course with fellow Hypnotherapist Nicola Griffiths Hypnotherapy.

They both have marketing backgrounds and have adapted their skills to promote their own Hypnotherapy practices.

No big budget stuff or marketing hype – just do-able advice for launching and sustaining a therapy practice, so that students can be up and running by the time they qualify.

Sidmouth in action 2

Post-course support is second-to-none

You know how it is when you read a good book, and you’re disappointed when it’s finished. Attending the HPD course was just like that for us. We were pleased when we handed our portfolios in and became fully qualified, but we were hungry for more.

The great thing about CPHT is the tremendous post-course support that’s available. As well as providing group supervision to ensure graduates follow best practice, there is a vast range of CPD courses available. From Hypnotherapy for Childbirth through to Psychoneuroimmunology, from Mindfulness to PTSD.

In fact there are so many courses to choose from that we have to make a conscious effort to pace ourselves.

If you’d like to learn in a supportive, uplifting and solution focused environment, CPHT is second-to-none.

Taken back to our student days

We attended month 4 of CPHT Bristol’s HPD course this weekend to make sure our skills are up to date prior to delivering our own course from next month. It’s an important weekend when the assessment process notches up to the next level. All the attendees have been practising their skills with volunteer clients and today two brave souls delivered their Initial Consultations to camera.

We can both still vividly remember this part of our assessment back in 2008, and know how nerve wracking it can be. We also recall how much confident we were once we’d perfected the consultation process.

Both students gave stunning performances and no doubt will make highly effective therapists when they qualify.

Massive progress by month 3 of the course

We’ve had a Fab weekend alongside CPHT Bristol students on their third month of the course. It’s incredible how much progress they’ve made in such a short space of time. 

Michael’s experience since last month was typical: ‘People are taking me seriously and I have more confidence. I’ve been helping people to sleep better and some of my volunteer customers reported feeling more positive. One person said it felt like having a massage’.

They’ll no doubt make even more progress in the coming weeks with the new skills they’ve been practising this weekend. We’re looking forward to meeting up with them in October.

Want to start a new career and help change lives?

How would it feel if you could help to turn someone’s life around from debilitating anxiety to enjoying life to the full, or guide an aspiring sports person reach their peak performance, or help a nervous driver to pass their test? It feels pretty good!

Hypnotherapy combines psychotherapy techniques with hypnosis to help clients develop healthier habits of thought, releasing them from self-limiting beliefs and guiding them toward a brighter future.

As experienced trainers and practising hypnotherapists, we’re delighted to be delivering the NCFE accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) over 10 months (one weekend a month) starting on 15/16 November. The HPD is considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in Hypnotherapy training.

It’s a life-changing course in more ways than one. It draws upon the latest research in neuroscience to underpin the Solution Focused approach, which focuses on how clients want to be rather than analysing why they are experiencing difficulties.

Day 2 of our Course Observations

Day 2 of the HPD course was every bit as inspiring as yesterday, and we both enjoyed listening to David Newton’s anecdotes of his time in practice (even though we’ve heard ’em before :-)).

We had a very enjoyable lunch with a group of the students and, not surprisingly, we were swamped with eager questions about setting up in practice, how to promote your business, how to help different types of clients.

It made us realise just how much experience we’ve gained over the years and we just know that by the time the students graduate they’ll have their own answers to all those urgent questions.

It’s a great, practical course and we’re sure they’ll all become confident, competent practitioners.

Making sure our skills are up to date

One of the great things about CPHT courses is that they are continually evolving as more information becomes available from the world of neuroscience. With this in mind, we are both attending the current CPHT Bristol HPD course, to ensure that our skills are up to date before we run the course ourselves in Guildford in November.

We attended the first day of the course today and it really brought back memories of our first day in November 2007. We were the first students to arrive, sat next to one another and have been friends sever since.

We’ve developed our individual hypnotherapy practices, Sharon in Taunton and Debbie in East Devon, become Hypnotherapy supervisors and attended just about every CPD course going at CPHT. Becoming lecturers and delivering the HPD course ourselves in the next logical progression in our careers and we’re really looking frowrad to it.

Seeing the enthusiasm and anticipation in the students today has reminded us what a powerful technique SOlution Focused Hypnotherapy is and we can’t wait to be running our own course.