CPHT Guildford is 2 years old!

Today is the second anniversary of starting our first Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course here in Guildford.  We remember the date well – the team at the CPHT mother ship in Bristol very kindly sent us some celebratory flowers, which could not have been easy, given it was Valentine’s Day.

There is a feature of hypnotic trance known as time distortion where frequently clients feel that only a few minutes have elapsed, whereas they have actually been on the relaxation couch for up to half an hour.

We must have been in a trance for the last two years, because the time has simply vanished. We are now on our 4th course, with our 5th about to start shortly.

We see our graduates regularly for ongoing supervision and it is such a pleasure to hear how they are helping so many clients get a better enjoyment of life, whether that’s by helping them overcome fears or phobias, deal with difficult situations or overcome lifelong debilitating habits of thought.

In fact, that is one of the unexpected side effects of lecturing for CPHT. Not only do we continue to help clients in our own hypnotherapy practices in the West Country, but it feels as if we are cascading that help through our students and graduates.

Momentum has really grown since we started and we already have more people lined up for our next course than we’ve had on any course to date – and there’s still 5 weeks to go!

Here’s to the next two years!

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