Learning how the brain works

One of the first things our students learn is the difference between the purpose of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Understanding this is a key factor in helping clients to develop new and more helpful habits of thought.

In his book ‘Stop Thinking Start Living’, American psychotherapist author and motivational speaker, Dr Richard Carlson explains how your thoughts determine how you feel. He also provides strategies for dismissing negative thoughts that resonate well with the Solution Focused approach we teach on our courses.

For the most part, our thoughts are played out at a subconscious level. The good news is that we can change unhelpful thought patterns by applying our the power of our conscious mind.

Even before they’re qualified, our students are helping their volunteer clients turn their habitual thinking patterns around.

This excellent short video explains in a nutshell the principles behind the process:

How our Brain Thinks





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