Making sure our skills are up to date

One of the great things about CPHT courses is that they are continually evolving as more information becomes available from the world of neuroscience. With this in mind, we are both attending the current CPHT Bristol HPD course, to ensure that our skills are up to date before we run the course ourselves in Guildford in November.

We attended the first day of the course today and it really brought back memories of our first day in November 2007. We were the first students to arrive, sat next to one another and have been friends sever since.

We’ve developed our individual hypnotherapy practices, Sharon in Taunton and Debbie in East Devon, become Hypnotherapy supervisors and attended just about every CPD course going at CPHT. Becoming lecturers and delivering the HPD course ourselves in the next logical progression in our careers and we’re really looking frowrad to it.

Seeing the enthusiasm and anticipation in the students today has reminded us what a powerful technique SOlution Focused Hypnotherapy is and we can’t wait to be running our own course.