Senior Lecturers

Holly Stone Senior Lecturer CPHT SurreyHolly Stone

Holly is a graduate of CPHT Surrey (formerly CPHT Guildford), having qualified in 2015. She runs a busy Hypnotherapy practice in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

Holly’s interest in psychology, and coincidentally hypnotherapy, started after she experienced several panic attacks following an extremely stressful period in her life. She made it her focus to establish why she was experiencing them, and more importantly, how she could prevent them from ever happening again. Since finding the CPHT course she has never looked back. It answered all her questions and gave her the tools to ensure that she has not had a panic attack since.

Following graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from City University London, her varied career has included running sailing holidays in Greece, recruitment management for an international property company gaining her CIPD, and latterly, recruitment management for the NHS. She then took a career break to have a family and has two amazing (well she would say that!) daughters and an extremely needy golden retriever. More recently she owned a Pub and the rest is history…

“The course appealed to me because it had a clear basis in neuroscience. I was also attracted by the principles of the Solution Focused approach. At a time when I did not have the answers, the course offered the “light bulb” moment when it all fell into place. What started as a journey of “Self Help” has now become my passion and my career.
The thought of being able to help people without needing to focus on an unhappy past was immensely appealing. I was delighted to be accepted onto the first Guildford School intake and can honestly say that the HPD course is the best thing I have ever done in my life.”

Since then Holly has built up a busy Hypnotherapy practice in West Sussex. She has helped hundreds of clients (with a specialist interest in helping children and teens) over the years, accumulating many thousands of hours of clinical practice.

She has kept her skills up to date by regularly attending CPD courses run by CPHT in Clifton and group supervision sessions. She is currently training as a Supervisor and plans to run group Supervision sessions in Surrey and West Sussex as well as offering 1-2-1 support.

Marcelle Crinean

Marcelle qualified with CPHT Surrey (formerly CPHT Guildford) in 2016. She run busy practices in Weybridge, Surrey and Oxshott, Surrey. She also runs Skype sessions for clients who are overseas or live too far to travel to Surrey.

Marcelle has had a lifelong interest in how language and our thoughts affect our behaviours and our emotions. She saw first-hand how her beloved grandmother, after suffering a series of strokes, wasn’t able to think or communicate clearly, and consequently struggled with severe depression and anxiety (although, back then, we didn’t call it that, or even talk about it).

Marcelle’s interest in how our brains can cause such a catastrophic breakdown in our happiness and quality of life, led her to study, in-depth, how the brain processes language and thought, and she gained her Doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Sussex in 2002. After completing post-doctoral research on the impact of different language styles on quality of life in children with cancer, Marcelle’s life took a turn (as it often does!), and she ended up leaving academia to work in the IT Software industry. She held many senior positions in large software companies, including trainer, consultant, senior director and vice-president of global product management, working with FTSE 100 companies all over the world to better understand customer behaviour.
An illness caused Marcelle to re-think her ‘life plans’ when she recognised that work stress was causing her own quality of life to deteriorate. She left the corporate world and retrained as a weight management counsellor and eating psychology coach, where she specialised in helping clients with issues around weight, food, eating and body-image.

She was introduced to solution focused hypnotherapy by Holly (an old friend) in January 2016, where she realised how truly transformational this style of therapy is – not only in helping her weight loss clients – but in terms of helping anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety, depression or anger issues, and all the psychological, physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms that go along with that.

Marcelle signed up immediately for the CPHT course – mainly because of the focus by CPHT on ensuring trainees are competent practitioners by the end of the course. Since qualifying in 2016, Marcelle hasn’t looked back. She works one-to-one with men, women, teenagers and children (aged 6+) and also runs regular group workshops. Alongside her busy weight-management practice, Marcelle specialises in stress in the workplace, and works with many large organisations across the UK to help their employees manage and reduce stress.