Wow! What a year it has been.

Back in January we were planning to deliver our first Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) course on behalf of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) national training body. We’d scheduled to start on February 14, only realising later the significance of the date. Fortunately, all the students turned up and we were off.

We’d had a last minute change of venue and were delighted to have found the wonderful Castle Street Clinic in central Guildford. It’s ideal for running therapy courses – there’s a sizeable training room and plenty of therapy rooms that we can use when the students practise their skills. Practising in a true-to-life environment is enormously beneficial. Oh, and we bought a batch of more comfortable chairs at the students’ request.

The students were simply brilliant and quickly learnt the principles of the Solution Focused approach. Each month it was clear they were becoming more and more skilled and were soon making a real difference in their volunteer clients’ lives. We welcomed guest speakers Nicola Griffiths (Marketing), Glenn Catley (Sports Motivation) and Lucy Gilroy (a recent graduate sharing her experience of setting up as a practitioner). CPHT Founder David Newton also visited from Bristol to share his incredible knowledge and enthusiasm.

Glenn Catley and GU1 students
Glenn Catley and GU1 students

All too soon the group graduated in November and are already practising Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in and around Surrey. Meanwhile, we launched the second HPD course in September and those students, too, are doing fabulously. Hard to believe they are almost half-way through their Diploma already. We had to buy a second batch of chairs to accommodate the increased numbers.

GU2 Students 2
GU2 Students on their first weekend.

2016 promises to be as busy as ever. Course GU2 will graduate in June and our third course is due to start in February. We’ve had so many enquiries we’re probably going to need another batch of chairs.

Bring it on!