Wow! What a year!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, with two of our 10-month courses completing. The students graduated with CPHT’s Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, and many of the students went on to complete their written portfolios to gain the ‘Gold Standard’ Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

The number of successful students was brought home to us when we ran the last group supervision of the year. We had three ‘generations’ of graduates, so there was a marvellous mix of skill levels and experience. The great benefit of working in a Solution Focused environment is that everyone is willing to share their successes and support one another during group work, so there was an a amazing buzz of energy during the meeting.

An unexpected side effect for us as course leaders is when we hear of our students’ and graduates’ progress with their clients. As a result, we get the same kind of buzz we have when we see our own clients move positively with their lives. Another side effect is that we get to see the individual students gain in confidence as they begin to build a viable practice, and as they reap the benefits of working alongside other Solution Focused therapists.

Course no. 4 is now well underway with a fabulous group of students. They have already formed a close support group and, only two months in, are seeing tangible improvements in the volunteers they are helping with relaxation.

One of the hallmarks of CPHT courses is that they continually evolve when new evidence or new technology is available.  We have been lucky enough to see demonstrations of what happens to brainwaves when we use our minds for different tasks – recall, problem solving, default ‘stand-by’ mode and, of course, trance. This was made possible because a graduate of CPHT Bristol is a psychologist who works with EEG machines, which can measure brainwaves and display the output on a computer screen. Amazing! Investigations are underway to see if it is feasible for each CPHT school to have their own EEG machine. Watch this space!

What will next year bring? More courses, that’s for sure. It’s going to be fun supporting even more students and graduates, and consquently helping even more clients live the life they want.

Happy New Year!

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